Marathon Project Brings Growth to Findlay, Ohio

The project at Marathon Petroleum in Findlay, Ohio was recently featured in an article published in the Findlay Courier.  The article discusses the influence of the project on the growth of the local economy.  It also talks about the desire for this new development to help Marathon compete in bringing young professionals to the company and to the area.  With the addition of green space, two new office buildings and two new parking garages, they will be ready to facilitate the influx.


Marathon Administrative Offices

The article goes into detail about the amount of material and labor hours that are being brought into the city.  By supporting local businesses and suppliers, the project is also providing a boost to the surrounding economy.  The Engineering Manager for Marathon’s Major Projects, Don Malarky, cites that “90% of the work and materials are being purchased from businesses within a 60 mile radius” and that “a half-million hours of labor will be put into the construction”.

Our goal is to lay the groundwork for sustainable developments that can aide in the creation of thriving communities.  Projects like this become a catalyst for further growth.