Principal Partners

Ken Oswald

Ken Oswald is interested in creating urban environments where people can come together and connect. This concept of connectivity starts with Source 3 Development’s partners. He believes that this is what enables them to quickly look at an existing property, address the development opportunity and assess the viability of a project.

Ken began his career in 1973 at Turner Construction and continued to broaden his experience moving to Tipton Associates where he developed close to $50 million of commercial properties. In 1991, Ken launched Oswald Company, Inc, a design-build and construction management services firm working with clients in healthcare, corporate, retail, industrial, and institutional markets.

Craig Gossman

Craig Gossman believes that now is the opportune time to fashion something around the urban movement. Combining the energy, creativity, passion and professional experience of Source 3 Development’s partners, you get a unique team that has the ability to envision and expedite a plan without compromising solution.

Craig has over 35 years of experience in urban design, planning, historic preservation and architecture. For 15 years, Craig served as a Principal Partner with Kinzelman Kline Gossman [KKG] and later in the same capacity with MKSK. In 2013 Craig founded Gossman Group design & planning in order to pursue combined architecture & urban design work with select clients.

John Heekin

John Heekin is someone who understands the complexities and challenges of urban redevelopment and can make the difficult decisions that bring clarity to the process. He sees Source 3 Development’s strength in their ability to balance the needs and wants of a project with how to actually make something happen.

John is owner of Transformance Realty Inc., a management and leasing company founded in 2000, specializing in repositioning and redeveloping underperforming properties. John most recently spent 5 years with Cassidy Turley specializing in regional shopping malls, retail community centers and urban mixed-use projects. Prior to starting Transformance Realty, John served as Vice President of Towne Properties for 11 years.